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Agnetha 1988 updated - new pictures added




Updates and new pictures of Bucks Fizz 1988 & 2016





BAO on tour 2016 in Sweden

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Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1981





More Agnetha/Frida pictures added




New Agnetha pictures from the period 1986-2012 added





Updates in Bucks Fizz 1981




New CD with ABBA covers performed in German language has been released in Germany and Austria.

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Updates & new pictures in ABBA 1978





Rare ABBA 1974 pictures added




Various updates on raffem.com after one-month-vacation. Now back in business.




Updates in ABBA after 1982





Björn/Hootenanny Singers updated - new pictures




Updates in ABBA 1978





Frida News 2016 updated




Updates and new rare pictures of Agnetha 1983





Latest Bucks Fizz news updated




Agnetha's debut album  re-released  in Sweden

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