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Frida news updated. Mamma Mia in Prague - go.to/Mamma Mia all over the world





Very rare, previously unseen ABBA pictures from Polish press taken during their stay Warsaw, October 1976 added

go.to/ABBA in Poland







Lots of rare ABBA pictures from the 1973 tour added - go.to/ABBA 1973.

Helena on German TV - new pictures added - go.to/Helena 2014






The musical "Mamma Mia" has its premiere in Czech language in Prague on December 12th. "Chess" on tour in Sweden

go.to/B&B news






Brand new Bucks Fizz pictures added.

go.to/Bucks Fizz 2014




Rare ABBA 1975 pictures added





Kristina is back

go.to/Björn & Benny News




Chess the deluxe edition out now!

go.to/Björn & Benny News




New pictures in ABBA 1976





Frida recording again - go.to Frida News. Updates in Björn Ulvaeus biography






ABBA News - Helena News - Rosenstolz News





Updates in ABBA 1979




Updates in the musical "Mamma Mia" section




Brand new Helena album out on November 14th.

go.to/Helena News





Several previously unseen Frida pictures from 1982-83 added.






Rare ABBA 1976 pictures added.





New pictures and updates in ABBA 1980 and Björn Ulvaeus





New Marta album out now - Marta News updated




Rare, previously unseen ABBA pictures from 1979 featuring the 1979 World Tour added.






Lots of updates and many rare pictures of Bucks Fizz from 1981-1982-1983 added






Helena 2000-2001 updated - lots of new pictures added.





New ABBA 1982 pictures added






Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1981






ABBA Live out now!






New rare ABBA pictures from 1978 added.





FRIDAy night on Swedish TV


Frida participated in the Swedish/Norwegian talk show "Skavlan" broadcasted on Friday September 26 on Swedish TV1.

go.to/Frida News





New rare pictures in ABBA The Movie section added.






Rare ABBA 1972/ 1973 pictures added





The deluxe edition of "Gracias por la musica" due to release on November 10th. More in ABBA News





New pictures and updates in ABBA 1978. Helena news updated





ABBA News & ABBA DVD discography updated





Updates in ABBA 1974, ABBA 1978





Updates in Helena 1992-99 & ABBA 1976






Updates: Agnetha 1968-71, ABBA 1980 & Helena News






New Agnetha 1985 pictures added.




Lots of Rosenstolz pictures from 1992-93 added






Rosenstolz news updated





Lots of updates and new pictures in ABBA 1978





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