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Updates - Benny before ABBA. Lots of rare pictures added. Bucks Fizz to Stockholm - go.to/Bucks Fizz News





Updates in ABBA 1976. Updates in Helena 1960s.





Updates in ABBA 1979.





Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1970-73.




New Bucks Fizz pictures from the 2015 tour added. New rare alternative shots added in Bucks Fizz 1983.





Rare Agnetha & Björn pictures from 1973 added.

go.to/Agnetha 1973




Bucks Fizz - The Definitive Editions out now

go.to/Bucks Fizz News




ABBA 1980 updated





New Bucks Fizz 81 pictures added




Bucks Fizz 1986 updated - new pictures added. Rosenstolz news updated




New rare ABBA pictures from Warsaw in October 1976. Helena in "Mamma Mia"





Summer is finally here. After the vacations raffem.com is back with lots of pictures and updates and news about our favorite artists.

Today new anniversaries and pictures of July.





Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1977






Updates - Björn & Benny 2015 feat. exclusive photos from the Danish set-up of the B&B musical "Hjälp sökes"

go.to/Björn & Benny 2015






Updates in Rosenstolz 2015




Frida in Swedish magazines

go.to/Frida news

go.to/Frida 2015






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