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Updates & new pictures in ABBA 1980






Same, same but... different. The Italian Fernando cover mystery and other ABBA 1976 updates






Updates - new pictures in ABBA 1982







ABBA 1981 updated - lots of super rare pictures added






New ABBA 1978 pictures added






Updates in ABBA 1980






Updates in ABBA 1975






Rare ABBA 1978 pictures added






New ABBA 1980 pictures added






New ABBA related places added - Pildammsteatern in Malmö - brand new pictures!






Updates & new pictures - Bucks Fizz 1981-1982







Updates - new pictures in Benny 1966 / Benny & Björn 1966







New ABBA 1981 pictures added






Filming ABBA The Movie in Stockholm - summer 1977 - new pictures added.





ABBA in the Old Town - winter 76/77 - new pictures added





Lots of super rare ABBA pictures from 1974 added






Agnetha 1972 updated - new pictures added





Agnetha 1985 - new pictures and updates





Updates in ABBA 1976






Updates in ABBA 1992 & Helena 2017







Lots of new ABBA 1977 pictures added





Updates in ABBA after 1982






Updates in Bucks Fizz 1981-83







Lots of updates and new pictures in ABBA 1975






New ABBA 1976 pictures added






Updates in Agnetha 1986






Updates & new rare Agnetha pictures from 1979






Lots of rare Frida pictures from 2004






ABBA in Paris 1978 - new pictures added





New pictures in ABBA 1976





Björn on the Swedish radio





Lots of rare ABBA 1982 pictures added






New ABBA 1974 pictures added






Rare previously unseen pictures of Frida 1970-71 added







Bucks Fizz 2016 updated - new pictures and interview with Jay & Cheryl





Updates in Benny 2016





Updates on raffem.com





ABBA - a celebration available all over the world now





New Agnetha re-release in Sweden





New Rosenstolz CD out now





New CD releases: Cheryl Baker (Bucks Fizz) and Rosenstolz.

The Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker released her tribute EP to Joni Mitchell entitled "Cheryl sings Joni" @bucks_fizz_news






New albums October 2016 - Jay Aston & Marta Kubisova

@bucks_fizz_2016    @marta_kubisova_2016





ABBA 2016 updated