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New Frida pictures from 2004 added.






New Björn pictures and updates - go.to/Björn 2015




Updates and new pictures - ABBA 1978




Agnetha promoting "Wrap Your Arms Around Me" 1983 - new pictures added. Brand new Bucks Fizz pictures from the 2015 tour added.






ABBA in West Germany, November 1976 - new digitally remastered pictures as well as the "orange" photo session with several rare alternative shots added.

go.to/ABBA 1976

New Helena 2001 & 2005 pictures added.





Super rare pictures of Frida 1982 added. Rare Agnetha 1982/83 pictures added.





Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1980





New rare ABBA pictures from 1975 and 1976 added.





Björn back in Poland after 39 years - Mamma Mia had its premiere in Warsaw

go.to/Mamma Mia all over the world




Everything about the Danish premiere of B&B musical "Hjälp sökes" - Benny in Copenhagen.


go.to/B&B News    go.to/Benny 2015





Updates in ABBA 1982 - new rare pictures added.





Updates in ABBA 1973 and Björn & Benny news





Rare Frida 82-83 pictures added.





Rare ABBA 1981 & Bucks Fizz 1982 pictures added.





ABBA in silicon

go.to/ABBA News





Same, same but... different - the Voulez-Vous cover gallery updated. Even other updates in ABBA 1979.





Lots of rare ABBA pics from 1978 added.





Updates in ABBA 1980




Helena sings for the shooting victims


Helena will play a charity concert in Uherski Brod (Czech Republic). All income from the concert will go to the families of the 9 victims killed at a restaurant in the town.

On 24 February 2015, a mass shooting occurred at the Družba restaurant in the town of Uherský BrodCzech Republic. Nine people were killed, including the gunman, 63-year-old Zdeněk Kovář, and one other person was injured. Uherský Brod is 260 kilometers (160 miles) east-southeast of the Czech capital Prague. It became one of the two worst mass murders in the country's peacetime history.




Lots of rare ABBA pictures from Brighton 1974 added





New Frida single out now

go.to/Frida News   go.to/Frida 2015





Frida 2015 - updated & new pictures. Bucks Fizz News updated.





Benny 2015 updated - see even Benny News





Björn & Benny 1983-84 updated - new pictures added.




New Agnetha pictures added.



February 2015

New: Anniversaries & Pictures of the Month




Rare ABBA pictures from 1974 & 1975 added





New ABBA 1977 pictures added





Updates in ABBA 1975 - rare pictures from the summer tour added





New rare Agnetha pictures from 1983 added. Rare ABBA 1979 pictures added.





New Agnetha photos from 1985 added





Updates in ABBA after 1982 & Agnetha 1983.






Lots of rare early ABBA pictures added.

go.to/ABBA 1970-73






ABBA 1982 updated with several rare pictures.





Updates in ABBA 1980





Lots of new ABBA 1974 pictures added. An rare alternative shot from the "suitcase photo session" in Hamburg finally found... ABBA on tour in January 1975 - new pictures added. Brand new Helena pictures from the Christmas photo session added.

go.to/ABBA 1974   go.to/ABBA 1975   go.to/Helena 2014





Updates & new pictures in ABBA 1976





Rare ABBA 1974 pictures added.




ABBA 2014 updated. One more new Helena video from the Lucerna concert added - go.to/Helena 2014






Helena at Lucerna - SOLD OUT

The Queen is back.

go.to/Helena News to see latest pictures from the show on December 21st.

See even an exclusive video with Helena performing "The Winner Takes It All"

All pictures from the show in Helena 2014





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