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ABBA in Switzerland 1979 - new pictures from making of the "Chiquitita" video.




Party time in Paris avec madame Mireille Mathieu - Octobre 1978




New ABBA pictures from Australia 1977 added




New ABBA pictures from Holland 1976 added




Updates in ABBA 1974 - the Brighton photo sessions the day after...




Updates in ABBA 1979






Updates and new picutres in ABBA 1976





New ABBA 1975 pictures added. Updates in the B&B Chess 1984.





Rare ABBA pictures from 1974 added 





 ABBA - the story continues

The German TV channel "Vox" broadcasted a 90-minutes-long ABBA special on Thursday, July 28th. The show featured parts of old and new interviews with the ABBA members and people around the group in the 1970s. It was even telling a story of Germany ABBA fans who were talking about their life with ABBA.




Agnetha 1988 updated - new pictures added




Updates and new pictures of Bucks Fizz 1988 & 2016





BAO on tour 2016 in Sweden

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Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1981





More Agnetha/Frida pictures added




New Agnetha pictures from the period 1986-2012 added





Updates in Bucks Fizz 1981




New CD with ABBA covers performed in German language has been released in Germany and Austria.

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Updates & new pictures in ABBA 1978





Rare ABBA 1974 pictures added




Various updates on raffem.com after one-month-vacation. Now back in business.




Updates in ABBA after 1982





Björn/Hootenanny Singers updated - new pictures




Updates in ABBA 1978





Frida News 2016 updated




Updates and new rare pictures of Agnetha 1983





Latest Bucks Fizz news updated




Agnetha's debut album  re-released  in Sweden

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