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New ABBA pictures from the early period 1970-73 added






Updates in Benny 2016





Updates on raffem.com





New rare ABBA pictures from 1976 added






ABBA 1978 - updates and new pictures added






ABBA - a celebration available all over the world now





New Agnetha re-release in Sweden





Tons of previously unseen ABBA pictures from Leysin 1979 added





Rare ABBA pictures from 1981 added






New Rosenstolz pictures 2006-2011 added






New Rosenstolz CD out now





Updates and new ABBA pictures 1981






ABBA in Poland 40 years ago

At the beginning of October 1976 ABBA promoted their forthcoming new album "Arrival" in the Polish capital Warsaw. The show recorded in Warsaw was entitled "ABBA in Studio-2". In fact it was filmed in studio 5 in the Polish TV center in the Woronicza street. The show was broadcasted by Polish TV for the very first time on November 13th at 8.45 p.m. Follow ABBA on their sight-seeing tour in Warsaw. New pictures of ABBA related places in Warsaw added - they are still there after 40 years.





Lots of new Bucks Fizz pictures 1983-84 added. Rare alternative shots from various photo sessions digitally restored.





Rare ABBA pictures fromm 1971-73 added






Updates & rare ABBA 1978 pictures added





New Agnetha release on vinyl



New CD releases: Cheryl Baker (Bucks Fizz) and Rosenstolz.

The Bucks Fizz star Cheryl Baker released her tribute EP to Joni Mitchell entitled "Cheryl sings Joni" @bucks_fizz_news





Updates in ABBA 1975






New rare Frida pictures from 1984 added





Bucks Fizz 1982 updated






New rare Agnetha pictures added





New albums October 2016 - Jay Aston & Marta Kubisova

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ABBA 2016 updated





Rare previously unseen alternative shot from the helicopter session added.





New Bucks Fizz pictures added.






New ABBA 1976 pictures added - rare and alternative shots






ABBA were in Warsaw/Poland on October 7-8 (Agnetha 6-8) 1976 promoting their new album. New rare previously unseen pictures from old Polish newspapers digitally remastered in 2016.




The Arrival 40 celebration releases





New stunning Agnetha pictures from 1983 added






The Bucks Fizz star Mike Nolan has released his new CD





Rare Frida'82 pictures added





New rare alternative shots from photo sessions 1984/85 added






New pictures from 1982 added.






Lots of rare Bucks Fizz pictures from 1983 added.






Lots of rare ABBA 1975 pictures added






New rare ABBA 1977 pictures added





Updates in Agnetha 1985






The latest Bucks Fizz pictures added. @bucks_fizz_2016

ABBA 1982 updated @abba_82





New ABBA pictures from 1979






Updates & new pictures in ABBA 1977

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New ABBA 1981 pictures added






Updates and new pictures in ABBA 1972




Updates in ABBA 1975




Dancing Queen - Anni-Frid Lyngstad rehearsing before ABBA's 1979 tour - lots of new rare pictures added in ABBA on Tour 1979





New alternative shots from the "Chiquitita" photo session added.




ABBA in Switzerland 1979 - new pictures from making of the "Chiquitita" video.




Party time in Paris avec madame Mireille Mathieu - Octobre 1978




New ABBA pictures from Australia 1977 added




New ABBA pictures from Holland 1976 added




Updates in ABBA 1974 - the Brighton photo sessions the day after...




Updates in ABBA 1979






Updates and new picutres in ABBA 1976





New ABBA 1975 pictures added. Updates in the B&B Chess 1984.