Stefan & Raffe meet Marta for the very first time (3 years before we started

That's how it started

The first thing I said to Marta Kubisova when we met her after her show at a little music club in Prague in September 1999 was:

Marta, thank you for the democracy!!!!!

She looked at me with a little smile and said: "Well, I don't think I did so much for democracy but thank you!". Our Czech friend Vasek thought that it was right to say like that and he still recalls that every time we meet each other and talk about Marta. His Czech friends ask me: "Oh, is it you who said to Mrs Kubisova thank you for the democracy...?" I think that Czech people are very proud of Marta and I understand why.


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Marta is back... 21 November 1989



 Several thousands more than on a Tina Turner concert... It is very hard to hold back tears when you see the video with Marta's very first performance after 19 years of silence...



The first performance


She did not know that it was her real comeback. Her performance of The Prayer for Marta (Modlitba pro Martu) had been filmed and shown on Czech TV some years later. But her very first performance on stage in 1989 took place 1 month earlier. Marta participated in a show "Evening with the lamp" at the club "Ypsilonka" on 10 October 1989.




Everything went very quickly. Marta appeared on stage several times during November and December 1989. On 3 December 1989 she participated in a 10-hours-show "Concert for all big people" at the sport hall "Pkojf".





The Prayer for Marta still important...



On 26 & 27 December Marta appeared as a guest star in Vaclav Neckar show at the Karlin Theatre in Prague. The big surprise for the public was when even the third member of Golden Kids Helena Vondrackova joined Vaclav and Marta.






New beginning


Marta was in the recording studio in December 1989 - for the very first time in 20 years. She recorded new version of her 1968 hit "Magdalena" for the forthcoming album with Christian songs entitled "Krestanske songy & podobenstvi". The album was released on April 21st, 1990 - the same day when the Pope Johannes Paulus II arrived in Prag for a 2-day visit.





Songy a balady - the 1990 re-release


In 1990 Marta worked as a singer again performing and recording. The record company Supraphon re-released very quickly Marta's 1969 album "Songy a balady" with two alternative covers. Marta came on the fourth place as the most popular female singer in Czechoslovakia in 1990 according to the "Golden Nightingale" voting results in December 1990. Not bad for an artist who had not released anything new since 1968...





Along with the LP/MC re-release of Marta's debut album from 1969, record company Supraphon released the album for the very first time on CD in 1990.





Alternative edition





Marta 1990




The singles


Several singles of Marta and Golden Kids were re-released in 1990 among them "Modlitba pro Martu" (The Prayer for Marta), Marta's famous cover on The Beatles' "Hey Jude" as well as Marta's and Helena's evergreen "Oh Baby Baby". The record company "Supraphon" released three single in a hurry in the company sleeves. Several years later we received personal dedications from Marta which made these sleeves very precious...






Lampa - the compilation


The record company "Supraphon" released Marta's greatest hits on the compilation album entitled "Lampa". The cover shows the "real" Marta as she is - sometimes a little bit dreamy, dark, thoughtful. Under the lamp we can see a picture of Marta in the late 1960s shortly before the communists damaged her life as an artist... You can even see the famous "Charta 77" on the table. The album contains her 13 greatest hits from the first period of 1963-1970. The title track is one of the most dramatic songs Marta ever sung. According to the singer it is a tragic story of a prostitute girl. The unforgetable "Oh Baby Baby" sung together with Helena Vondrackova can be found here as well and many more songs which show Marta's exceptional skills as a singer.








The video

The first video compilation with Marta's greatest hits was released in 1990. The video contained 14 songs and was entitled "Marta Kubisova - sinful and fair-minded".


Marta Live

The first concert after the revolution took place at Lucerna in Prague on June 2nd, 1990. The concert was attended by the President of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel - an old friend to the singer from the time when both of them were forbidden - she as a singer, he as a writer. The show lasted for more than 3 hours and Marta remembers that there were tons of flowers and never-ending standing ovations. 

The German weekly magazine "Stern" wrote: "This is the only singer in the world who did a revolution to be allowed to sing."





New album


The first brand new album after the Revolution was recorded by Marta in the summer 1990 and it contained... 15 advent songs. The album was released in the late autumn the same year. The album has not been re-released on CD and it remains as one of the rarest Marta albums which is almost impossible to find on the market. Marta was accompanied by well-known musicians: the brothers Eben and Petr Hapka.









In April 1991 Marta was in the recording studio preparing a new pop album. The album "Nekdy si zpivam..." was her third studio album ever recorded. It contained 10 songs and indicated clearly her will of doing songs in the style between pop, jazz and "chancon". The "chancon" style is very popular in Central Europe and comes originally from France where it was created by such big artists as Edith Piaf, Yves Montand or Charles Aznavour.











The photo session







Prayer for Marta - TV special


In the summer of 1991 Czechoslovakian TV made a documentary about the legendary song "Modlitba pro Martu" (Prayer for Marta). The song originally recorded in 1968 became during the "forbidden" years an unofficial anthem in Czechoslovakia. Both Marta and the composer Jindrih Brabec were talking about their feelings about the song. Old video including rare film pieces from the Sovjet invasion in Czechoslovakia in 1968 was included in the documentary.


If you want to listen to "The Prayer for Marta" - go to/Marta Discography




In October 1991 Marta gave some concerts in Prague.





Songs and moods - the album


The next project was the album called "Songy a nalady" (The songs and the moods) which Marta recorded in August 1993 and released at the end of November 1993. The songs from the album were used in the Czech movie "Stalo se na podzim" (It happened in the Autumn) directed by Jan Nemec with Marta in main role.







The movie picture "Stalo se na podzim"


The film directed by Jan Nemec featured six Marta songs - five of them were taken from the latest album "Songy a nalady". The film had its premiere on Czech TV on 19 November 1993.





The best of Golden Kids


The first compilation album with the group Golden Kids, which existed at the end of 1960s with Marta Kubisova, Helena Vondrackova and Vaclav Neckar  was released at the end of 1993. The singers promoted the release.







The year of Golden Kids


This year would be very special for Marta and two of her friends: Helena Vondrackova and Vaclav Neckar. The big stage comeback of the group Golden Kids was probably the last link between the past and the present to be set in the chain of her life. Golden Kids was the most successful group in Czechoslovakia during 15 months in the late 1960s. Golden Kids had not split up but as Marta became forbidden in 1970 the others started working on their own becoming successful singers in their own rights.


Golden Kids 1994 - the photo sessions


Golden Kids with Jan Schneider





Golden Kids Comeback, 3 November 1994


The show was held at Lucerna Concert Hall in Prague on Thursday, 3 November 1994. All were there. Both fans and celebrities who wanted to see their favorite artists performing together again. A kind of confirmation that stupid people and regimes do not survive and the right will be right anyway... They performed all their great hits and the concert was recorded both for Czech TV and the record company Supraphon for the CD release later the same year. The group did not plan more activities than some touring in Czech Republic.








Reka vuni... - the album


In 1995 Marta Kubisova released a new studio album "Reka vuni" in May 1995. The CD contained strong 14 tracks written by top Czech composers as well as 3 cover versions of Lionel Ritchie's hits: Deep River Woman, Say You Say Me and Hallo. The album was released by the record company Popron. Marta recorded a video to the title song and promoted the album in several TV shows.  The album is currently not available and out of print in Czech Republic. According to the singer the master is lost and it is impossible to re-release it. We can hope that the master will be found soon because the album is definitely the highlight of the pop of the 1990s.





The photo sessions






The album was promoted by the traditional christening at the Ambassador hotel in Prague. Lots of celebrities were there.





Marta promoted the album with a big concert at the Vinohrady theatre in Prague on June 1st, 1995 which had been recorded by Czech TV.





The Prague Castle


On 28 October 1985 Marta received from her old friend, the president of Czech Republic, Vaclav Havel the medal for earnings for the homeland.




Marta and animals


Marta has always been known for her great interest for animals. In 1992 she started hosting TV show "Do you want me?" broadcasted once a week, which was about homeless animals that maybe can find new owners. Marta herself had several animals at home - both dogs and cats.


In autumn 1995 Marta gave lots of interviews and several photos could be seen on the covers of most of Czech magazines.







God only knows - the album


The 1996 album release was a trip back to Marta's roots. The CD "Buh vi" (God only knows) contained 10 songs in a calm jazz-blues style. A jam session was arranged in the Prague bar "Bugsy" where even the cover pictures were taken. The album was released by Polydor.



Marta Kubisova with the band during the recording sessions for the album "Buh vi" at the beginning of 1996.







The photo sessions at the Bugsy bar in Prague.






Promotion of the album


Marta appeared on TV and in the press. New pictures featured a relaxed singer in the happy colours which were maybe not so typical Marta colours.






The season meeting - the CD release


In May 1996 Marta Kubisova participated in a project created by three famous musicians: Petr Malasek, Jaroslav Sveceny and Rudolf Rokl. They recorded several tracks and Marta sang on five of them. Rudolf Rokl died in September 1997 and the record company Multisonic released the recording session on CD. The CD was a tribute to Rudolf Rokl - the multitalented pianist. Marta still tours occasionally with the repertoire from the CD together with Petr Malasek and Jaroslav Sveceny.


in concert





Christmas with Marta


In October 1997 Marta was in the studio in Prague where she recorded songs for her Christmas album. The singer was probably inspired by her participation in Helena Vondrackova Christmas shows in 1996 and 1997. The album featured 14 Christmas songs and a very special bonus, a new version of the Marta classical "Prayer for Marta".








The Ungelt theatre


The Ungelt theatre in Prague is probably the smallest and the oldest theatre in the world. After several album releases and thousands of concerts on big stages both solo and together with her collegues in Golden Kids: Helena Vondrackova and Vaclav Neckar, Marta suddenly understood that "Ungelt" is definitely this sort of stage she needs. The theatre gave her a unique possibility to have a very close contact with her audience and the intimacy that Marta's songs require. The theatre boss Milan Hein had always admired Kubisova and it was his great wish to have her in Ungelt. The first real collaboration between Marta Kubisova and Milan Hein was the show "Nechci byt ta druha" (I don't want to be the second woman) which was performed in Ungelt by Marta together with Petr Malase (piano).


Milan Hein, Marta & Vaclav Havel





The Hall of Fame


In 1998 Marta Kubisova was introduced to the Czech Hall of Fame.



Marta + the group R.E.M.




The Hall of Fame - CD


The Czech record company Bonton released compilations series under the common title "Sin slavy" (The hall of fame). The most important artists were featured and one of them was of course Marta. The album contained 22 old songs recorded by Marta. The CD contained some rare songs and remixes of the well-known hits.









Marta did several concerts at various spots in 1999. One of the shows was held at the literary café "Salmovska" in Prague on 27 September 1999.




Marta Kubisova in Ungelt


New album was released at the end of 1999. It had been recorded at "Ungelt"  and it marks a new trend in Marta's musical life. It was the beginning of Marta's career on the theatre stage. Marta re-recorded her greatest hits in the "acoustic" version accompanied by Petr Malasek on piano.










Tell Me on a Sunday - the musical


Marta played the main and only role in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical "Tell Me On A Sunday" which had its Czech premiere at the "Ungelt" theatre in Prague.








Prague March 18th, 2002


Our wonderful meeting with Marta Kubisova at the Ungelt Theatre in Prague. Two days before our meeting Marta won the Thalie Prize as the best musical artist in Czech Republic in 2001. 


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The passion... ja mam rada pejski...


Marta's biggest passion are dogs. She is engaged in many projects to help dogs and other animal that need help.


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Authorization of our homepage about Marta


Prague, December 17, 2002



Mrs Kubisova received a print of our homepage with all text about her and accepted it which means that our page is authorized by the singer. A typical Swedish souvenir: a snowboll with light was Christmas gift to Marta from Sweden with love. She liked it and Stefan enjoyed every second in her company.


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Lucerna, 19.11.2003


Marta participated in a big gala show at Lucerna Hall in Prague devoted the pop composer Karel Svoboda who celebrated his 65. birthday



A new CD release

New CD compilation "Pribeh" was released in March 2004 and it featured Marta's greatest hits and some rare tracks previously unavailable on CD.



Marta Kubisova in Stockholm 18-21.11.2004

On November 18 Marta Kubisova, Milan Hein, Petr Malasek arrived in Stockholm. Marta Kubisova had a concert for Czech immigrants living in Sweden on Friday evening. She met even the Swedish journalist Robert Aschberg who was in Prague in 1978 when Marta was forbidden by communists and made a unique recording of 4 folk songs which Marta sang in an apartment in the kitchen. (The songs are available on CD now).

 On Saturday it was time for our first meeting at the hotel on Östermalm in Stockholm. It was a great joy to see Marta, Milan and Peter on "our" territory for the first time. Marta wrote a greeting for her fans on Later on Saturday Czech Embassy in Stockholm arranged a boat trip in Stockholm's archipelago. The weather was beautiful - cold with lots of snow and sunny. had a great pleasure to spend many times on Sunday together with Marta and Milan. We took pictures in the Old Town in Stockholm with the City Hall in the background in the morning.

Later we continued our trip through Stockholm to the suburb of Jakobsberg where we took more pictures at the Görväln castle and the sea of Mälaren.


It was cold in Stockholm (-7 C) so our walk in Görväln was not long. We decided to go to our place and have a lunch together. Marta and Milan were very interested in internet and of course we discussed the future of our homepage.

During the lunch we listened to Marta's greatest hits on CD and we could hear a lot of small stories about each song. After lunch and coffee with Swedish "pepparkakor" it was time to drive our guests to the Arlanda airport.



Marta Live

The new CD "Já jsem já" containing Marta's concert recorded live at the Vinohrady theatre in Prague on March 21, 2004 was released in December 2004. The album featured three new songs from the Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "Tell me on a Sunday" which was played at the Ungelt Theatre.


Photo session






Vitej lasko - Welcome love - the album


The beginning of the year 2005 meant a lot of work for Marta. Finally it was time for recording a brand new album - the first studio album since "Buh vi" in 1997. The album with lyrics written by Jan Schneider was entitled "Vitej lasko" (Welcome love) and the recording sessions took place in February and March 2005.


An old friend to Marta Kubisova Jan Schneider had written all lyrics for the album. He wrote songs for the biggest Czechoslovakian stars (Marta was one of them) in the 1960s. In 1968 Schneider left communist Czechoslovakia and moved to West Germany where he worked active against the regime in his homeland. After 1989 Schneider came back to Czech Republic and in 2005 it was time to get together again for Kubisova and Schneider who made this wonderful album together. The CD contains 16 small stories with music composed by several young and talented Czech musicians. Kubisova says that the stories are fairy-tales about life. In her show which can be seen at the Ungelt Theatre in Prague Marta sings all 16 songs and reads Jan Schneider's poems.




Promotion and photo sessions





Marta Kubisova and Jan Schneider (June 2006)





Focus on... Jan Schneider

The Czech poet Jan Schneider was one of the first working with Helena Vondrackova, Marta Kubisova and Vaclav Neckar. He wrote lyrics for them from mid sixties until 1969 when he was forced to leave Czechoslovakia for forthcoming 20 years.

Jan Schneider was born in 1934 in the beautiful city of Tabor. The first steps as a poet he took in... Poland and France where he worked as journalist and translator in 1956. The first works published in Czechoslovakia were for the paper "May and culture". At the beginning of the 1960s he started collaboration with the famous theatre "Semafor" in Prague and one year later with the theatre "Rokoko". He worked with various theatres in Czechoslovakia and it made possible to meet Marta Kubisova who by that time performed at the theatre "Stop" in Pardubice. In Plzno Schneider met another talented singer - Vaclav Neckar. Both Kubisova and Neckars came finally to Prague to the Schneider theatre "Rokoko". Even Helena Vondrackova joined them after winning the talent competition in 1964. Vondrackova, Kubisova and Neckar were at the beginning three solo artist on their own rights before they started the group "Golden Kids". During the first period of 1964-69 Jan Schneider wrote lyrics to majority of songs recorded by Kubisova, Vondrackova and Neckar. Even one of the biggest hits ever recorded by Vondrackova and Kubisova "Oh baby baby" was written by Schneider.

At the end of 1960s Schneider was one of the biggest songwriters in Czechoslovakia with the highest prizes from several festivals but in 1969 he was stopped by the regime which did not like Schneider and his lyrics. His songs became forbidden from 1969 until 1989. Schneider and his wife were banned from Czechoslovakia for 20 years to come.

Jan and his wife Libuse lived in Munich and worked as journalists at the Radio Free Europe. After coming back to Czechoslovakia after 1989 the Schneider couple moved to the beautiful city of Trebon in the southern part of Böhmen.

Schneider is still working with his old pals Kubisova and Neckar. The latest big collaboration with Kubisova was a whole album with Jan's "small stories" which has even its stage version at the theatre "Ungelt" in Prague. (read above)




In Trebon


In September 2006 we had a nice meeting with Jan Schneider and his wife in their home town Trebon. We could hear more about their fascinating life which made possible to create this "Focus on..." feature. Even his newly re-edited 1967 book containing all the texts from the success radio series from that period was signed exclusively for





A new book


A new book about Marta's life and music was issued in April. This is the second biography of Marta Kubisova issued in Czech Republic. The first one was released in 1996. The new book contains even in detail discography of the singer and rare private pictures of Marta.






Marta 2005 - the gala concert


The follow-up to the album release was a big concert at the Vinohrady Theatre in Prague called "Marta 2005" on 24 April 2005.



The rehearsals at the Vinohrady Theatre on April 24 - 3-4 pm




The show - April 24 - 7 pm


The show was hosted by Mr Ungelt himself - Milan Hein who was talking about Marta's musical life. The period of 19,5 years when the singer was forbidden by the communists is called by Marta Kubisova for "the time off for recovering the voice"...







Marta received standing ovations three times, was called back on stage 6 times and she sang 4 extra songs... The audience was a mix of people who were Marta's fans in 1960s and young people who wanted to see the cult singer live. We were very proud to hear from some people that our homepage is well-known among Czech fans of Marta and Helena... We hope you enjoy the photos from this special evening. Among celebrities we could see Marta's friend from Golden Kids Vaclav Neckar, the Minister of Culture in Czech Republic and other people known from TV. We did not find Helena Vondrackova who was probably busy before her two last performances in "Cats" (see Helena's pictures from "Cats") meeting Marta after the show


I think that the best thing that can happen a fan is when your idol recognizes you... It happed myself and Stefan when we paid a short visit in Marta's lounge. "Hallo pani Marto" I said and I was met by the world's most beautiful smile. "Ahoj ahoj" she answered. More I cannot remember but.. thanks God we've got pictures.









Ungelt, 27 April



On Wednesday 27 April it was time for the "usual" performance at the Ungelt theatre which has been Marta's "home" since 1998. Marta does not like big galas and shows which are filmed by TV. Both Milan Hein and Marta said that to be at home is best. They were joking about how "horrible" it was at the Vinohrady Theatre three days earlier. Marta's songs need some kind of intimacy and she as an artists wants to be very near her public and that's why she prefers small theatres as Ungelt for her performances. We got a possibility to meet the star before and after the show. We could see how Marta and Milan prepare themselves before the show.



The theatre's boss Milan Hein was hosting Marta's show as usual talking about her life and joking. Marta performed almost all her greatest hits and her brand new songs released on the newest CD.



As usual Marta met her fans after the concert in the nice drink bar at the theatre. Most of fans waiting for Marta were young people. It is a clear tendency in Marta's second career - she is loved by young people for her beautiful voice and songs as well as she is loved for all she did for freedom in Eastern Europe. Before we could sit down and talk Marta decided to give some autographs.



Finally we could meet our star and talk about everything but not so much music. Marta was talking about her new projects and we can tell you that she works now more than ever. The Ungelt theatre is preparing series of shows featuring Marta Kubisova on the open air in Prague in the summer as well as a new show at the Ungelt theatre featuring the songs with Jan Schneider lyrics. And we already know that we are back in Prague in December enjoying Marta's premiere of the new show at the Ungelt theatre on December 1st.




Marta on the Summer Stage in Prague.

The first summer stage of the Ungelt Theatre featured Marta Kubisova and Milan Hein in a talk show with especially invited guests. Marta sang several songs.  (Thanks Vasek).



In My World - CD - November 2005


The second Marta CD was released in November 2005. The new album is a very special project which is a kind of American tribute to Marta and her fantastic voice. Marta sings together with an American singer Dave "Whitewolf" Trezak and the music is written mostly by an American composer Alma Mares. The music on the album is maybe a little bit different to the one Marta uses to perform but the result is absolutely stunning. The CD contains 10 songs + 2 bonus tracks sung partly in Czech and partly in English. One more confirmation that Marta can sing everything with the same great result.





The album was presented for the press in Prague on November 17. Dave and Alma came especially from USA to attend the presentation. (Thanks to Alma for the pictures).




The premiere at Ungelt, 1 December



Finally on December 1st, 2005 it was time for the premiere of Marta's brand new show promoting her studio album "Vitej, lasko" ("Welcome, love") released in April 2005. Lyrics to all the songs featured on the album were written by Jan Schneider. During the show Marta sings all the songs from the album and one unreleased bonus track. She reads even small poems written by Schneider. The funniest part of the show features Marta's beautiful dog which in fact has great stage talents.



The premiere was attended by Jan Schneider and many other celebrities as Marta's old friend Vaclav Neckar from the successful pop act in 1960s Golden Kids. The artistic chief of the theatre Ungelt Milan Hein is director of the new show.


Marta, Raffe and the elk from Sweden

Raffe, Marta and Milan Hein

Marta, Vaclav Neckar and Marta's daughter Kacenka

Jan Schneider, Raffe & Vaclav Neckar

Marta and Raffe (talking about the homepage)





The summer stage (June)


The summer stage of "Ungelt" was arranged for the second time by Milan Hein. Marta appeared in 8 shows in the middle of June. The shows were entitled "Marta Kubisova and her friends" and they were played in the open-air theatre behind the Prague castle.



The first evening brought Marta and Helena Vondrackova together on stage and the show was absolutely fabulous. Marta and Helena have worked together for more than 40 years and both are top professionals.  They performed together their classic hit "Oh Baby Baby" recorded back in 1966. The audience and the artists had great fun together and the show was prolonged with 15 minutes until 10.15 pm.



The second day featured another old pal from "Golden Kids" Vaclav Neckar who is back in great form and performed several hits during the evening. This evening was attended by Jan Schneider the Czech poet who wrote all poems on Marta's latest studio album. The other artists featured on Marta's concerts were Karel Gott and Lucie Bila. The dogs





Charity concert in Velehrad


In the summer of 2006 Marta participated in a charity concert in Velehrad area with a beautiful Cistercian monastery. Marta performed beautifully her anthem "The Prayer for Marta" accompanied by Petr Malasek.






The dogs


On 17 September Marta had an opportunity to present her beautiful dog on the charity action "Super day Help-dog". The aim was to collect money to 16 leader dogs for blind people.









Marta on TV


Marta hosts the TV programme "Chcete mne" (Do you want me) devoted to homeless animals. The first programme in this series was aired in 1991.






Marta on the hit chart - April 2007


Marta's song "Na na heya"  from the album "In My World" recorded together with the American singer Dave "Whitewolf" Trezak went up to #4 on the Czech Radio's hit list on April 3, 2007. Congratulations Marta, Dave and the producer Alma - we love you!


3 April 2007




Marta & Ungelt in USA


In April Marta Kubisova gave several concerts in USA. Together with her daughter Katarina, Milan Hein and Petr Malasek she stayed in the States for 10 days. The pictures below are from the artist's private collection. Thank you Marta, Katarina and Milan for your kind help.







New York








That's Me - Marta Live - 16.04.2007



On 16 April 2007 Marta Kubisova performed live all her greatest hits at the Ungelt Theatre in Prague. The show was hosted by the director of the theatre and actor Milan Hein who lately presented even his vocal skills on stage by singing duet with Marta. The two hour show is full of Marta's old and new hits and it is called "That's Me". Marta Kubisova was as usual in a top form and she seemed to enjoy both the show and the audience. had a big pleasure to attend the show thanks to Milan and Marta and their great generosity. Thank You very much for this and enjoy the wonderful photos.


The show






After the show in the theatre bar






The exclusive photo session for - Prague 16.04.2007


After the show "That's Me" in the Ungelt theatre in Prague Marta posed for an exclusive photo session for We celebrated the 5th anniversary of Marta's presence on our homepage.



Helena's birthday

Marta was of course one of the main guests invited to the Helena 60-birthday celebration on Friday June 22th.




Marta celebrated Helena on stage

Marta joined Helena Vondrackova on stage on June 24th at the Concert Hall Zofin in Prague where Helena celebrated her 60th birthday with a big gala concert. Marta and Helena performed their hit "Oh baby baby" and one song together with Vaclav Neckars as Golden Kids. They received huge ovations.

with Helena's sister Zdena




Marta had her friends on stage, July-August 2007

Marta and her friends performed on the summer stage of the Ungelt Theatre in Prague even this year. After the huge success in 2006 Marta Kubisova and Milan Hein invited the biggest artists to join them on stage. The biggest evening for the fans was the show July 30 when Marta met Helena Vondrackova and Vaclav Neckar. Fans from many countries arrived to celebrate their idols. Marta, Milan, Helena and Vaclav made an unforgettable show and sang lots of hits which all well-known and loved since late 1960s.

On stage

Behind stage

Marta is talking with old friend Jan Schneider...

Vasek Neckar is talking with Jan Schneider as well...





Golden Kids 2007






Christmas with Marta Kubisova

The sold out Christmas concert at the Vinohrady theatre in Prague was one more great success for Marta. The fans in different ages enjoyed the show in two parts which totally lasted for more than 2 hours. Marta performed her greatest hits including the famous anthem "Prayer for Marta" which partly caused that the communists forbid her as a singer in 19 years (1970-1989). One of the special guests in the audience was the legendary singer Hana Hegerova who said to us that she liked Marta and her songs very much. Marta gives us the first Christmas gift. We recorded a special Christmas message from Marta to all her fans in her home country as well as in other countries in the world. Enjoy!

Click below to see the film



Marta live

Marta and Raffe

Marta and Stefan

Raffe with Mrs Hegerova



2007 - the most successful Marta year on the hit chart

Marta received "Golden Twelve" from the Czech Radio Hit List for the year 2007 for the song "Na Na Heya" from the CD "In my World" (originally released in 2005). The song was in the Top 12 for 37 weeks and it was her biggest success ever (so far).

Congratulations to Marta and The Team behind the project - Alma and Dave!!!




Travelling, travelling


The year 2008 started with long trip to Australia where Marta gave several concerts for her fellow-countrymen.





In May she was invited to Berlin where she gave a concert and participated in a press conference. The idea of the Marta concert in Berlin came originally from Club Marta in Berlin and DJ Andre Kaiser. (Photos courtesy of Andre Kaiser)



Golden Kids 2008

The main idea for the year 2008 was the comeback of Golden Kids precisely 40 years after the group was originally formed. It was thought that the group would tour in Czech Republic and Slovakia and record a DVD from their final concert in Prague on November 1st. The first link of the Golden Kids Comeback was the release of CD "24 Golden Hits" featuring all big hits recorded by the group in the 1960s as well as 5 newly re-recorded songs. The first link became even the last link in the chain as the rest of the Comeback project was cancelled because of different reasons. Maybe it is not so easy to do comeback 40 years later.




1968 - CD


The CD released by the newspaper "Dnes" (Today) and entitled "1968" with best songs released that year contains Marta's "Prayer" and Golden Kids "The times are changing" (limited edition). Marta is even featured on the cover.





Marta's first DVD saw its release on 23 August 2008. It contains 21 videos to her greatest hits and three TV shows recorded in the 1960s and 1990s.





Marta featured in a Japanese textbook.

Newly issued in Japan textbook “Pro-Vision English course 2 – new edition” has a whole lesson devoted to Marta Kubisova and her role in the fight against communism in Czechoslovakia. (thanks Andre)

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That's Me - 29 March 2009

Marta performed at the Ungelt theatre in Prague on Sunday 29 March. The successful show "That's Me" has been modyfied since its premiere. Marta talked about her life and sang her greatest hits. The 29 March "That's Me" show was one of the last performances as Marta is preparing a brand new show which will have its premiere just before Christmas 2009.


Marta met her fans after the show and signed her new DVD and the rest of time she devoted to our team from We want to thank Mr Milan Hein for all kind help.




On Czech TV


In the middle of May Marta and Milan Hein were special guests on Czech TV. They promoted the forthcoming summer stage of Ungelt 2009 in Prague. Marta sang two songs live in the studio.




Marta and the animals


This private pictures were taken for the "Blesk Hobby" magazine in May 2009.




The summer stage of Ungelt


The summer stage of Ungelt presented 8 shows with Marta and her friends at the beginning of August. Among the guests there were: Lucie Bila, Hana Hegerova, Yvonne Prenosilova and Vaclav Neckar.


Even German fans from Berlin attended one of the concerts. Danke Klub Marta für die Bilder



Ne! The soul of Marta Kubisova - new CD in Europe (international release)

New CD/2LP with selection of early Marta songs from the early period before 1970 digitally remastered by Ian Shepher at sound Recording Technology in UK saw its international release in Europe on 30 October 2009.

The CD  contains Marta's early hits released before 1970 when she became forbidden by Czech communists as a singer. The liner notes on the album cover tells the story of Marta Kubisova in English. The CD even available as double LP contains totally 25 songs performed by Marta compiled from her single and album releases before 1970 when she became forbidden by communists in Czechoslovakia.






2010 with Marta


Special promo 2010 calender featuring Marta Kubisova issued by the record company "Munster Records" in Spain.





The "forbidden" single release in Europe


The follow-up to the CD/2LP release "Ne!" by "Munster Records" in Spain was the special rare single release at the beginning of 2010. The single featured two songs originally scheduled for release in 1970 but as Marta became forbidden by that time, the Supraphon 1431045 was deleted. The single features two songs: "Jakoby nic" with the Golden Kids orchestra and choir and "Hare Krisna" (originally from the musical "Hair") with the Golden Kids orchestra and choir.




New show

Marta had a premiere of her new show "With a great pleasure" at the Ungelt theatre in Prague on April 22nd, 2010.



Vyznani - The Creed

New CD box entitled "Vyznani" (The Creed) saw its release on May 28th, 2010. The box featuring 60 songs of Marta is he most complete profile of the legendary singer. Range of three CDs for the first time gives a chance to listen to all the great achievements of the sixties to the present. Among the songs there are several previously unreleased tracks as well as the great hits.




The 2010 photo session





New York


One night only in the Bohemian Club in New York.




With Lucie Bila


Marta sings duet on Lucie Bila's Christmas album.




Christmas time


Traditionally Marta participated in the Advent concerts on Czech TV in December.






Summer scene 2011




Czech Lion gala


Marta attended the Czech Lion gala in Prague on March 4th, 2012.




Ungelt, June 11th


Marta appears on stage at the theatre Ungelt with her show "With a great pleasure" (S nebyvalou ochotou...) where she performs both old and new songs. She is accompanied by a-four-man band. She performs totally 24 songs and among them a great versions of Elton John's hit "Sorry seems to be hardest word" and Burt Bacharach's "Walk on By". There are of course included well-known hits as "Lampa", "Magdalena", "Prayer for Marta", "Ring-o-ding" and many others.





Summer stage 2012


Marta is traditionally the singing star together with her guests on the Ungelt summer stage. The concerts are connected to Marta's 70th birthday later this year.




Golden Sixties - the box


Finally all Marta fans could enjoy a complete collection of her recordings from 1960s collected on 6 CDs with totally 125 songs, some of them previously unreleased.

The booklet is telling the story of the most popular female singer in Czechoslovakia in the 1960s. There are a lot of rare pictures from this period of time until Marta became forbidden as a singer by the communists in the summer 1970.

The box was released on October 12th, 2012 in connection to Marta's 70th birthday on November 1st.






CD 1


Denne cekam - Waiting every day

The first CD features songs recorded between 1963 and 1967 totally 22 compositions all released on singles during the beginning of Marta's carrer.




CD 2


Cesta - Journey

The second CD features lots of big hits that brought the singer to the top. These recordings are from the period between 1964 and 1969. There are several duets with Helena Vondrackova and other Czech stars.




CD 3


Modlitba pro Martu - Prayer for Marta

The CD is entitled after the biggest hit - the Czech alternative anthem "Prayer for Marta" which was written in connection to political development and Soviet invasion in Czechoslovakia in 1968. Even other songs with political lyrics are featured on this CD. Marta's performance of some of them were reason for banning her as singer for coming 19 years in 1970.






Hity Karla Svobody a Bohuslava Ondracka - The hits of Karel Svoboda and Bohuslav Ondracek

Hit songs written by Czech absolutely most talented composers Svoboda and Ondracek for Marta between 1963 and 1970.




CD 5


Filmove a vanocni pisne & rarity - Film and Christmas songs & rarities

Most of the songs on CD 5 are rarities of different kinds. Songs which had never been released on CD, unknown material found on private recordings and live versions of Marta's hits.




CD 6


Songy a balady

The last CD contains Marta's only LP "Songy a balady" (Songs and ballads) released in 1969. Three bonus tracks had been added to this release as well as very special song recorded in 1978, during the period Marta was not allowed to sing. The song was recorded in a private flat in Prague.





New photo session


New promotional photo in connection with Marta's new official homepage



New book

In November 2012 a new book about Marta and her life was issued in Czech Republic.


Raffem photo session

This photo session was taken at the Ungelt Theatre in Prague on December 21st, 2012



The musical

Marta prepares a new musical together with the Czech pop star Aneta Langerova. The musical is entitled "Touha jmenem Einodis" (A wish called Einodis).

The story, inspired by an unusual destiny of the beautiful Baroness Sidonie, the last owner of the castle Vrchotovy Janovice in Bohemia. In addition to the colorful personal life of beautiful and intelligent Baroness, the musical shows also troubled historical moments of Bohiemia. It is telling the story of other well-known personalities in old Bohemia and Austria as the Viennese journalist and writer Karl Kraus, the painter Max Švabinský and the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.
Directed by Paul Ondruch


Rehearsals for A wish called Einodis

Marta together with Aneta Langerova and Milan Hein started rehearsals for the musical "Touha jmenem Einodis" (A wish called Einodis)






At the end of May the magazine "Kvety" published an extended interview with Marta with new pictures. In the interview Marta is talking about the forthcoming premiere of the new musical on the Ungelt summer stage in June 2013, about her passion for animals and finally about preparing of recording sessions for a new studio album.





The musical

In summer 2013 Marta was playing in a new musical together with the Czech pop star Aneta Langerova. The musical is entitled "Touha jmenem Einodis" (A wish called Einodis).

The story, inspired by an unusual destiny of the beautiful Baroness Sidonie, the last owner of the castle Vrchotovy Janovice in Bohemia. In addition to the colorful personal life of beautiful and intelligent Baroness, the musical shows also troubled historical moments of Bohiemia. It is telling the story of other well-known personalities in old Bohemia and Austria as the Viennese journalist and writer Karl Kraus, the painter Max Švabinský and the poet Rainer Maria Rilke.
Directed by Paul Ondruch

The premiere of the musical on the Summer Stage of Ungelt in Prague took place on June 19th, 2013.




The CD

Three songs from the musical "Touha jmenem Einodis" were released on a CD-single in June 2013. The CD is available for a purchase at the Ungelt theatre in Prague (even at the Summer stage).




New duet


In the autumn 2013 Marta was invited by one of the biggest opera singers in Czech Republic, Stefan Margita. He wanted record together with Marta one song for his forthcoming solo album. The result was a new version of the beautiful song entitled originally "Caruso" which appeared for the very first time in Czech language on Marta's solo album "Reka vuni" in 1995. The duet Margita/Kubisova was released on the album "Melancoly" just before Christmas 2013.





Christmas show


The Christmas concert took place at the Ungelt theatre in Prague on December 18th, 2013. Marta performed her old hits from her show "With great pleasure" as well as brand new songs from the musical "Einodis" and several Christmas carrols. The show was filmed for the forthcoming big documentary about Marta's life. Totally more than 2 hours of music.


The show



After the show






The magic voice of the rebel


The new documentary film about Marta's life had its premiere on the film festival in Karlove Vary at the beginning of July 2014. Marta attended the premiere.





After her portrait of Věra Čáslavská, the most successful Czechoslovak sportswoman of all time, leading Czech documentarist Olga Sommerová decided to make a film about Marta Kubišová, another exceptional woman whose eventful life was determined to a considerable extent by the tyranny of communist power. The stellar career of this talented singer and three-time winner of the Golden Nightingale music award ended in 1968 with the occupation of Czechoslovakia. In 1977 Kubišová signed Charter 77 and also became its spokesperson, making her a target of the secret police. After twenty years’ enforced silence, however, she was able to stage a spectacular comeback during the Velvet Revolution. Olga Sommerová maps out key episodes from the private, professional and dissident chapters of Marta Kubišová’s life through archive footage and interviews with friends, such as Dana Němcová, Pavel Kohout and Jaroslav Hutka. The film also features a brand new song performed with Aneta Langerová.

Marta attended the premiere in Prague.


Marta was on the Prague premiere at the cinema Lucerna on July 18th, 2014.





Making of the film





New CD


The soundtrack from the film has been released on CD which is a compilation of old Marta hits and newly recorded song together with the pop star Aneta Langerova.






Marta Live 2014


A live CD celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia saw its release on October 14th, 2014. The album contains a whole Marta show recorded at the Ungelt theatre in March 2014. It features 23 songs - both the old hits and new songs.






The magic voice of the rebel on DVD


The documentary about Marta's life "The magic voice of the rebel" was released on DVD on November 19th, 2014 on DVD.







"Touha jmenem Einodis" - the musical


The musical "Touha jmenem Einodis" where Marta plays the main part saw its release on CD and DVD in October 2015. The CD contains 24 songs performed mainly by Marta and Aneta Langerova. The DVD was recorded during the show performed in the summer 2015.













Soul - the photo session


The photo session connected to the new CD release "Soul" was taken in the late summer 2016.





Soul - the album


The album "Soul" saw its release on October 7th, 2016. It contains 12 covers of international hits chosen by Marta for the album with newly written lyrics in Czech.







Songy a balady - the re-release


On September 22, 2017 the record company Suphraphon re-released Marta's very first album "Songy a balady" from 1969. This is a re-release of the original album with its original track list. No bonuses included. The album was re-released as CD and LP.




The final


Marta finishes her career as a singer on November 1st, 2017 (her 75th birthday). The final concert of her last tour took place at the famous concert hall Lucerna in Prague on October 27th, 2017. Thank you for the music, dear Marta!






 Although Marta left the stage as a concert artist she appeared in some concerts during 2018.



The Calender


At the end of the year a calendar featuring new photo sessions with Marta was released. Below some of the shots featured in this edition.





Naposledy - DVD & CD


New CD/DVD featuring Marta's farewell concert at the Lucerna music hall in Prag (from October 27, 2017) saw its release on November 15, 2018.






Marta on stage again


Marta performed a gala concert at the Lucerna concert hall in Prague on November 16th, 2019. She performed her biggest hits including "Modlitba pro Martu".





The show





New releases


Two new Marta CDs saw their release in the autumn 2019. The album "Putovani - found in the archives 1966-2017" features 21 previously unreleased songs and the 2017 version of famous "Modlitba pro Martu" featuring Marta, Hana Hegerova, Bara Basikova and other female Czech singers. Released on October 7th, 2019.





The compilation CD "Depese" contains 19 greatest hits including a brand new 2019 recording of "Modlitba pro Martu". Released on November 15th, 2019