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Arne Lamberth performs "Fröken Blåklint" written by Benny, Björn and Stikkan (originally "A Flower in My Garden"). Released as a single in March 1970 as well as on later compilation albums.





The first album with Lena Andersson produced by Stikkan and Bengt released in 1971. Contained Benny and Björn composition "Language of Love"





Before ABBA time. The best of Björn and Benny "Säj det med en sång". The most successful compositions were covered by Sven-Olof Walldoffs Orchester. Stikkan Anderson comments the songs on the LP's cover.




ABBA's manager Stig Anderson's album released in 1974 contained 10 songs recorded in 1954 and 1962. Most vocals were sung by Börje Crona and one song was performed by Stig's little daughter Marie.
  Gerd Michaelis-Chor performs "Waterloo". Release East Germany 1974.
Danish version of "Waterloo" recorded by duo Lecia and Lucienne in 1974 for single release in Denmark.





One of the first international ABBA-related releases: Arthur Greenslade and his orchestra play ABBA songs. The album contains several covers of ABBA songs from their first three albums as well as three early Björn and Benny compositions: Cecilia, To Live with You (Lycka) and Better To Have Loved (Säg det med en sång). Released by Polar Music the LP is a great rarity nowadays.

The Czech pop star Hana Zagorova recorded her own version of ABBA's "Honey Honey" in 1975. The Czech version was entitled "Asi Asi" and it is quite nice.
The compilation album from the publishing firm Bonniers feat. Agnetha Fältskog, Hootenanny Singers, Lena Andersson and Inger Öst - the two latter the ABBA background singers.
"Wasa" - the album produced by Björn, Benny and Michael B. Tretow




"Let´s Boogie"

Michael B. Tretow´s most famous solo album with ABBA, Anders Glenmark, Ted Gärdestad and almost all ABBA-musicians.

Includes 13 songs

The Czech cover of "Fernando" was recorded by Vera Spinarova and released as a single in 1976 in Czechoslovakia.
Jerry Williams - "Kick Down" including: "Rikky Rock'n Roller"
Danish version of "Fernando" recorded by Janni was released as a single in Denmark in 1976.
Cover versions of three ABBA songs: Mamma Mia, SOS and Fernando. Sweden 1976
Cover versions of "So Long" and "Fernando" performed by Sten & Stanley. Sweden 1976





ABBA Our Way recorded by Nashville Train, a group formed by ABBA studio musicians. The LP contains covers of ABBA songs in country style. A real rarity on this album is a relatively unknown song of Björn and Benny "Please change your mind" which was used in ABBA The Movie but never released by ABBA.

"ABBA Songbook" performed by The Alan Tew Orchestra, UK 1977
"Nina Pretty Ballerina" performed by German group Pretty Maid Company.
"Exitos de ABBA" performed by The Studio Group, Spain 1977
Swedish dance band "Sven-Erics" covered B&B song "Tänk om jorden vore ung" and released on their album "Låt oss vara tillsammans".
Swedish dance band "Leif Bloms" covered Agnetha's hit "Sången föder dej tillbaka" on the album "Hem till Dig".





Swedish dance band "Leif Bloms" made a cover on Agnetha Fältskog early hit "Tågen kan gå igen"
"Money Money Money" performed by The Nolan Sisters.

Ingmar Nordströms saxparty 5 featuring sax version of ABBA's "Why Did It Have To Be Me" as an opening track.





ABBA's Norwegian friend Finn Kalvik has recorded 2 LPs with ABBA involvement.

Here are both Agnetha and Frida background singers and Benny producer.

Available on CD in re-mastered version

An absolutely fabulous instrumental album with ABBA covers performed by Anders Dahl and his magic strings.

ABBA-musicians involved in this project as well. 

There is a lot of real magic on this LP.

Featuring 12 songs including some "less" usual songs to be covered as: Lovers, Kisses of Fire, Hole in Your Soul, As Good As New and He Is Your Brother.

No music. The famous Swedish comedian Bosse Parnevik is fooling Anni-Frid and Stikkan by phone. Rare.
Including "Thank You For The Music" performed by The Nolan Sisters.





Mike Oldfield - "Arrival" (single)
Mike Oldfield - "QE2" (LP) feat.: "Arrival"
Clabbe - "Starlight" - with Frida (background vocals) and a lot of ABBA musicians.
"Gimme Gimme Gimme" - compilation from East Germany with two ABBA songs: Gimme Gimme Gimme and Honey Honey.
"Ska vi leka ABBA?" (Shall we play ABBA?)- the first karaoke album for children released in Sweden.
German version of "The Winner Takes It All" by Marianne Rosenberg.





Starsound - Stars on 45 SP with ABBA medley.

Starsound - Stars on 45 Vol. 2 LP featuring ABBA medley.


Finn Kalvik's second album produced by Benny.

The picture in the inner sleeve features all musicians as well as Benny, Björn and Frida eating and having fun at the Café Opera in Stockholm 

Available on CD in re-mastered version

Kicki Moberg - the LP contains two tracks written, arranged and produced by Agnetha Fältskog: "Men natten är vår" and ""Här är mitt liv" - the Swedish version of "I'm Still Alive"
The Cantus-Chor performs "Lay All Your Love On Me"
Swedish jazz singer Agneta Bauman recorded her version of Agnetha Fältskog's song "The Queen of Hearts" with ABBA musicians in the studio: Rutger Gunnarsson, Janne Schaffer, Lasse Wellander and Roger Palm.
Absolutely fascinating album from Romania. All songs from ABBA's album "Super Trouper" recorded in romanian language by a female group "5T".





  Bonnie St. Claire - A-side "Sla je arm om me heen" (Dutch version of "Wrap Your Arms Around Me", B-side Instrumental version)
German/Greek singer Nana Mouskouri's version of "I Have a Dream" was entitled in German "Ich leb' im Traum".





The Swedish choir "adLibitum" recorded two ABBA covers: "Lay All Your Love On Me" and "The Way Old Friends Do" at the beginning of 1984 with several ABBA musicians: Rutger Gunnarsson, Per Lindvall and Peter Ljung. Both songs were released on the LP "När morgonen gryr".
"EnergHighs" featuring remixed versions of "The Visitors" and "Lay All Your Love On Me".
FX "Push Here" - an album recorded by Frida's son Hans Fredriksson in March and April 1984. Contains one song written by Frida - "I don't Wanna be Alone"





Hot Lips Big Band "Thank You For the Music" LP

Released in 1985, re-released 1987.

ABBA hits and I Know Him So Well with sound of the forties with real swing feeling.

Hot Lips Big Band "Thank You For The Music" - CD
Two long-time ABBA admirers from Holland - the singers Bonnie St. Claire and Jose Hoebee released a full-length album filled with ABBA songs in Dutch. The album entitled "Herinnering" featured 12 ABBA. The songs were: "The Way Old Friends Do", "The Piper", "Move On", "I Let The Music Speak", "Chiquitita", "Why Did It Have To Be Me", "Andante Andante", "Soldiers", "Cassandra", "Lovers", "One Man One Woman" and "Arrival".





The German musical diva Angelika Milster recorded three Björn and Benny compositions in 1980s. The 1986 MC release "Ich bin wie ich bin" contains German versions of "Just like That" (!!!) (Einfach so) and two hits from the musical "Chess" - "I Know Him So Well" (Ich kann ihn versteh'n) and "Nobody's Side" (Jeder gegen Jeden: Allein).
The CD version of the Milster compilation "Ich bin wie ich bin" contain two songs from "Chess" (see above) but it does not contain her version of "Just Like That".
SP feat. "Waterloo" performed by Doctor and The Medics. Released in November 1986.
Swedish dance group Matz Bladhs released their cover of Agnetha's hit "Så glad som dina ögon" on the album "Leende dansmusik 86". ABBA's choir singer Liza Öhman and Agnetha's choir singer Diana Nunez participated in the recording sessions.
Lars Roos "Örongodis" featuring cover version of the B&B composition "Chess".




Hot Lips Big Band with the Swedish singers Anita Strandell and Roger Pontare recorded a whole album with ABBA covers arranged in swing style - LP.

Hot Lips Big Band - "Dance" - CD release.





Lars Roos "Örongodis 3" featuring an instrumental version of "The Winner Takes It All".
The Austrian male/female group "Edelweiss" reached a Europe-wide #1 position with their hit "Bring me Edelweiss", supposedly by following the instructions given in The KLF's book The Manual. Borrowing large parts of its melody from ABBA's " SOS" and Indeep's "Last Night a DJ Saved My Life", the song humorously targeted Austrian ski resorts and yodeling and sold five million copies worldwide. In the UK with the single entered the chart on April 29, 1989 where it stayed for 10 weeks peaking at #5.





Finn Kalvik's CD compilation released in Sweden in 1990.

Includes songs from his "ABBA-period" 1979-82

German soprano Gloria Bruni recorded two ABBA songs: Chiquitita and Thank You For The Music which were released on her album "Moments" in 1990. The same producers created the ABBA project with the Munich Philharmoc Orchestra" one year later which indirectly could have started the ABBA revival in 1992.
Lars Roos "Örongodis jorden runt" including ABBA's "Waterloo" in an instrumental version.





"The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" featuring instrumental versions of 9 ABBA-songs and 2 medleys.

"The Munich Philharmonic Orchestra play ABBA Classic" includes 13 songs

The recording of this album started in 1990. The release in September 1991 was promoted in the biggest TV show in Germany "Wetten, dass..." on December 14th, 1991.

The producer of this album says that it started in fact the ABBA revival - who knows...

Kalle Moraeus' solo album featuring "Beatrice" composed by Benny and Björn. Produced by Michael B. Tretow.





"Abba-esque" by Erasure with 4 ABBA covers.

The first album which was released at the very beginning of the ABBA-revival in the 90's.

Includes 12 songs.


Big Money "Lost in Hollywood" 1992.

This was Michael B. Tretow's first project since ABBA-time.

Salma and Sabina sing ABBA hits in Hindi





Richard Clayderman plays ABBA The Hits - featuring 15 ABBA songs.





Big Money "Moonwalker" - produced by Michael B. Tretow.

ABBA Classic

This CD was released in Germany 1994.





This maxi single contain 4 tracks by Finn Kalvik sung in English. They were recorded with ABBA musicians and Agnetha and Frida as background singers for international promotion.





Arrival "First Flight"

ABBA cover band from Gpthenburg. The album contains unreleased by ABBA song "Just a Notion".

With Rutger Gunnarsson as a producer and Liza Öhman as a background singer (both original ABBA-musicians).

Arrival - CDS "Just a Notion"/"Hey Hey Helen"

Angeleyes - "Abbadance"

Includes 10 songs

Mamma Mia - the musical - the original UK cast recording, November 1999





Olle Holmqvist "ABBA The Music" released in 2000.

ABBA musicians: Rutger Gunnarsson, Lasse Wellander, Per Lindvall and Lisa Öhman play and sing on this album.

Quite important album for all ABBA-fans. It sounds very good.

Danish compilation album featuring 12 ABBA covers performed in Danish language.

In the series "Jive Bunny & The Mastermixers" - Non-stop ABBA party.





ABBA hits performed on Pan Pipes





"Svensktoppar" released in 2002.

This CD includes a lot of ABBA-related stuff and Frida's version of Fernando.

Ten Golden Years with Svenne & Lotta includes lots of rarities for ABBA fans. This compilation was released in Sweden in 2002 and it contained 20 tracks recorded between 1973 and 1983.

ABBA covers included on this CD are: Bang A Boomerang, Dance (While the Music Still Goes On), He Is Your Brother and B & B written Funky Feet. Almost all songs on this CD were produced by Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson

ABBA-DJ - featuring ABBA covers performed mostly in Spanish.





Lena Andersson's greatest hits containing several ABBA covers and other Björn and Benny compositions.





"Mamma Mia" - the fifth anniversary edition CD+DVD
"Mamma Mia" - the German version

Nils Landgren Funk Unit re-done some ABBA songs and performed them in funky style. Sounds very interesting. The album contains 12 songs. Benny Andersson himself plays piano on When All Is Said and Done.

The 2004 compilation of Svenne & Lotta's greatest hits includes Bang-A-Boomerang, Funky Feet and some other Björn and Benny compositions.

The double CD compilation released in Germany contains all big hits recorded by Mireille Mathieu and among them "Bravo tu as gagné" - the French version of "The Winner Takes It All" recorded by Mireille with help of Frida, Björn and Benny as background singers.

A double CD is featuring all the well known covers of ABBA songs with artists as: Mike Oldfield, Erasure, Westlife, Steps, Peter Cetera and many famous German pop stars singing and playing ABBA songs. One of the most interesting interpretations is probably Super Trouper performed by Palast Orchester & Max Raabe. Released in Germany.





This long awaited Gemini re-master contains 19 songs partly re-recorded by Anders and Karin. 12 of them are written by Benny and Björn. Released in November 2005 (Sweden).

Compilation from Germany with both German and international artists performing ABBA hits. Featuring a wonderful version of "Super Trouper" by Max Raabe and Palast Orchester and "Chiquitita" the No Angels star Lucy.
The first CD release of Björn Skifs solo album "Schiffz" from 1975 featuring the song "Med varann" sung together with Anni-Frid Lyngstad. Otherwise the CD contains even Björn's 1972 album "Blåblus". Over 70 minutes of great pop from 1970s.



Number 1 in Finland in 2006 - the compilation of ABBA hits performed by Finnish group called Rajaton together

with Lahti Symphony Orchester.



A compilation with Swedish hits featuring lyrics of the ABBA father Stikkan Anderson. Totally 43 songs with ABBA, Agnetha, Frida, Björn, Benny, Hotenanny Singers, Lena Andersson, Svenne & Lotta and many others. Among the hits: Dancing Queen, Fernando, Waterloo, Hasta Manana, Mamma Mia, Lycka, Bang-A-Boomerang and many more. The booklet contains many nice pictures with Stikkan and the ABBA family from the best period in the Swedish pop music history.




Ted Gärdestad box released in Sweden in 2009. The box contains all albums recorded by Gärdestad between 1972 and 1994 and extra bonus tracks as well as 32-side-booklet with the story of Ted and his music. All ABBA members were involved in creating of Ted's music (see below). All albums in this box have been remastered in 2009.

The albums - ABBA connections:

"Undringar" 1972 - produced by Björn and Benny. Background singers: Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus

"Ted" 1973 - produced by Björn and Benny together with Ted. Background singers: Agnetha, Frida, Björn and Benny

"Upptåg" 1974 - produced by Björn and Benny with Ted. Background singers: Agnetha, Frida

"Franska kort" 1976 - produced by Björn and Benny with Micke Tretow and Ted. Among background singers: Frida

"Blue Virgin Isles" 1978 recorded in USA.

"Stormvarning" 1981 - one song produced by Benny. Among background singers: Frida, Tomas Ledin

"I'd rather Write a Symphony" - international album. Several songs from "Stormvarning".

"Äntligen på väg" 1994 - ABBA musicians as Janne Schaffer, Per Lindvall, Björn J:son Lindh play on this album recorded at Polar Music and Europa Studios.

ABBA musicians play on all albums/ABBA's background singers sing on most of the albums.



Norwegian pop star Inger Lise Rypdal 2CD "De beste jeg vet" (The best of). Featuring 5 ABBA covers. Released 2010.

See even: ABBA related artists





Anne Wood who played Donna in the original Australian set up of the musical "Mamma Mia" released an album featuring 11 ABBA covers and one previously unreleased composition of Benny and Björn "The Day the Wall Came Tumbling Down". The album entitled  "Divine Discontent" saw its release in February 2012.
"Same Tree Different Fruit" - released on October 17th, 2012. Twelve ABBA classic hits are performed in a jazz tior format. The musicians are Anders Wihk, Steve Gadd and Svante Henryson and producer Bernard Löhr.





"André Rieu colebrates ABBA" - released on October 29th, 2013. Featuring 12 instrumental versions of ABBA hits played by a symphony orchester.
"We love ABBA" - released in November 2013. A compilation featuring ABBA covers and the original Swedish language version of "SOS" performed by Agnetha Fältskog





"Super Trouper" - Julia Lindholm. A young Swedish singer working in Germany. The CD contains 12 ABBA covers performed in German language: Super Trouper, Waterloo, Mamma Mia, SOS, Lay All Your Love On Me, Money Money Money, Fernando, The Winner Takes It All, One of Us, I Have a Dream, Dancing Queen, Thank You for the Music. All lyrics are new, written for this release.





"Dancing Queen" - Cher. Cher covers 10 ABBA hits on her album released on September 28th, 2018



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