ABBA The Album - 40th anniversary


The 40th anniversary of ABBA The Album was celebrated by releasing on November 3rd, 2017 a half speed mastered 2 LP, 3 picture discs and a boxset with 3 coloured 7" from ABBA The Album.





Retro - France


ABBA is featured in the French magazine "Retro" in October 2017.




Classic Pop presents ABBA a celebration


The 132-page special takes an in-depth look at one of the biggest pop bands in music history, from their early days in Sweden and their breakthrough as winners of the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest through to their years as one of the world’s best-selling acts in the 1970s. Available now in Ireland, in stores in Europe, the USA and Australia and the rest of world in November 2016.





Celebrating 40 years of Arrival


The 40th anniversary of the album Arrival celebrates by several releases on October 7th, 2016


Half Speed Mastered Edition (2LP) (Vinyl LP)

The singles coloured vinylbox set

Four picture discs




ABBA on stage... again


A big party celebrated the 50 years of collaboration between Björn and Benny was held at "Berns" in Stockholm at the beginning of June. Lots of artist performed B&B compositions on stage. Agnetha and Frida performed live "The Way Old Friends Do". After the performance all former ABBA members appeared together on stage.





ABBA together again


Agnetha, Frida, Björn and Benny stod together on stage on January 20th, 2016 after the premiere of the show "Mamma Mia - The Party" at the restaurant Tyrol in Stockholm. All four members posed for photographers.

More pictures in ABBA 2016



ABBA in silicon

ABBA The Museum is launching a new attraction since opening in May 2013. Four life-size replicas of ABBA members Frida, Agnetha, Björn and Benny in silicon, dressed in their stage clothes from 1979. Work on the figures has been ongoing for just over a year, headed by a make-up artist Göran Lundström at Effektstudion in Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm. The members of ABBA themselves have been intricately involved in the production of their replicas, with detailed measurements taken on all four, in order to come as close as possible to the way they looked back then.



ABBA the monopoly


The final 40th anniversary product issue was ABBA the monopoly available from December 10th, 2014.






ABBA Gold - the limited steel box edition


One more release of ABBA Gold in connection to the 40th anniversary saw its release on November 11th, 2014. The steel box edition with magnetic lenticular cover.





Gracias por la musica deluxe


The deluxe edition of the Spanish album "Gracias por la musica" was released on November 10, 2014. It contains 10 recordings which from the original 1980 album and 5 bonus tracks. The DVD contains some performances from Spanish TV from 1979 and 1980 as well as some video clips.






ABBA Live at Wembley Arena


The long awaited (about 35 years...) ABBA Live album saw finally its release on September 29th, 2014 (Sweden). The 2CD/3LP released features the complete November 10th, 1979 ABBA show - totally 25 songs. Absolutely stunning ABBA performance which the fans can finally hear.





The ABBA Live promotion


Benny and his son Ludvig promoted the forthcoming release of "ABBA Live" (out on September 29th) at Benny's studio on Skeppsholmen in Stockholm on Wednesday September 3rd. Around 20 journalists from Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Australia attended the promotional meeting. Ludvig worked with the mixing of the material for the album. The live album features previously unreleased song "I'm still Alive" written and performed by Agnetha, the opening track "Gammal fäbodapsalm" as well as a different musical version of "Money Money Money".






We love ABBA


The compilation "We love ABBA" was released by Sony in Europe in November 2013. It is a bit different ABBA-related compilation and it contains 21 songs performed by various artists. The opening track is though performed by real ABBA member Agnetha Fältskog and the song is "SOS" in Swedish. The CD is divided in different segments: ABBA Hits!, ABBA Dance!, ABBA auf Deutsch, Grand Prix Bonustracks and finally ABBA classic featuring Mireille Mathieu and Richard Clayderman.

See even: ABBA related music







Here is the current list of all differences to the original recordings discovered in the ABBA The Singles box so far:

1/ Different mix of "Andante Andante" - B-side of the single "Happy New Year"

2/ Benny (?) can be heard saying "four" just before "Soldiers" starts.



ABBA The Singles box


ABBA The singles box saw its release in Sweden on May 5th, 2014. The box contains 40 singles and 6 stories about 6 singles written by Björn. A real rarity is an alternate mix of "Andante Andante" from the replica of the Portugese single "Happy New Year" / "Andante Andante". It's unclear if there are more surprises in the box.





40/40 in Japan


Japan celebrated the 40th anniversary of the victory in Brighton in 1974 with a double CD complitation entitled "40/40 The Best Selection" which saw its release on March 26th, 2014. In the booklet there is a special message from Frida to the Japanese fans.






The celebration of the Waterloo-victory in 1974 at the Tate Museum in London on April 7th, was attended by Frida and Björn.





Waterloo - deluxe edition 2014


A new deluxe edition of the album "Waterloo" saw its release in Sweden on April 7th, 2014. This is the 40th anniversary edition which has different tracking list on CD and different contents on DVD comparing to the first deluxe version released ten years later as the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of the victory in Brighton in 1974.





More releases


The 40th anniversary of "Waterloo" was celebrated by two more releases - the anniversary picture disc containing the Swedish and English language versions of "Waterloo" and a new version of "ABBA Gold" featuring three CDs.





ABBA The photo book


ABBA The photo book was issued at the end of March 2014. It contains about 600 both well-known and unknown pictures of ABBA.




The backstage stories


The first release in the 2014 series is the book "The backstage stories" which seems to be a copy of the "ABBA The treasures" released by Omnibus press a couple of years ago. This time it is ABBA's make-up artist Ingmarie Halling who with help of Carl Magnus Palm wrote a book.




Waterloo 40 years


The 40th anniversary of the Eurovision victory with "Waterloo" in 1974 will be celebrated by several releases as a new package of "ABBA Gold" with 3 CDs, the deluxe edition of the album "Waterloo" with 1 CD and 1 DVD and finally "ABBA Live" featuring the whole original concert from Wembley in 1979. Even several new books will be issued in 2014.